Welcome to the UK Institute for Migration Research (UK-IMR)

Immigration is one of the most widely discussed and deeply contested issues being debated in the public domain. In the UK it is the main factor sustaining population growth across the country. Yet, despite its importance, the practical effect of migration on the social and economic life of the country is still poorly understood, across both regions and local communities.

The UK Institute for Migration Research (UK-IMR) is an independent research institute developed through a unique partnership between a front line national charity with over 50 years’ experience of working with migrants in the UK (Migrant Help) and Canterbury Christ Church University (CCCU) an internationally renowned new University with a particular focus on improving public services and policy.

UK-IMR Research Focus

As we begin our work, the UK-IMR centres its research efforts on the following areas:

  • Migration and Local Governance
  • Asylum in the UK
  • Modern Day Slavery (Including Human Trafficking)

Visit our Research Page for descriptions of our current and planned research activities.

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